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Our Philosophy

Always be authentic. Enjoy the ride. Surround yourself with good people. Invest in community – all boats will rise in the tide. Be vigilant. Give people our best. Maintain a ridiculous commitment to quality.

When I decided to do it, there was no stopping. Once you start, it’s like running down hill – you have to keep going and figure stuff out as you go. ”

Mark Ryan Winery facade

About Us

We make a small production of sought-after wines, selected intentionally for their merit and potential. Washington State produces some of the finest grapes in the country, and we source from renowned vineyards. We create wines that represent our style with authentic varietal character, resulting in the highest quality we strive for each day.

We started this journey in 1999 with a few tons of grapes in a friend’s garage. That first vintage sold out quickly, and to say it has been a wild ride is an understatement. Looking back, we never could have guessed where we would land – with critical acclaim abounding, national and international availability, and welcoming tasting rooms in Woodinville and Walla Walla.

Our dedication to producing the highest quality wines is uncompromising. We are authentic, intentional, and approachable.

We are a handful of people working to create the best wine possible, every vintage – this mission remains unchanged since 1999.

We are serious about our winemaking and we’re serious about those who come to imbibe with us, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We welcome all to our wine club, tasting rooms and to our family of wines.

We love Washington State

From the first vintage onward, Mark has been a champion of Washington wines. Having made significant contributions to the Washington wine community, McNeilly has helped establish Washington as a prominent U.S. wine region.

Specializing on Red Mountain. We produce wine from grapes grown in the high desert, on a very warm site. They are big-shouldered wines that we coax a great amount of finesse and elegance.

We utilize vineyard sites to create our style, and have continued adding a portfolio of the most sought-after vineyards in Horse Heaven Hills, Yakima Valley, and Columbia Valley.